Can wisdom be taught?

Previously I exposed my thoughts regarding the acquisition of wisdom. After accepting wisdom as an acquirable trait/ability, a question we might face is: can wisdom be taught?

I don’t think that wisdom or its products can be taught. Nevertheless I believe a teacher might be able to give you is guidance towards achieving wisdom. In this sense the teacher stops being a teacher and becomes a companion.

When we accept wisdom as a culmination of reflection and action based on experience and knowledge, it becomes subjective understanding of the beholder. The subjectivity by which we experience each event, and our understanding of any information we are exposed to, provides a different shade of color to everyone’s experience.

In consequence, a teacher might be able to teach you what he has learned throughout his life, but the meaning or even usefulness of it to you will vary greatly. I am by no means underestimating the importance of advice and lessons from those who are further down their paths in life. But what I am pointing to, it’s the lack of an absolute paradigm towards achieving wisdom.


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