Acquisition of Wisdom

One of the initial questions posed here was if wisdom was acquirable? The short answer is yes, but I will share with you my thoughts regarding this matter.

The idea of wisdom as a non-acquirable ability/virtue/trait doesn’t make much sense to me. Although a reasonable amount of philosophers have proposed wisdom as an innate trait, I differ from this notion. Perhaps my background in Biology/Medicine short-sights me into a worldview in which traits are acquirable throughout generations, and to some extent be developed once acquired.

Following our previous definitions of wisdom, an innate wisdom goes agaisnt the definition we are standing upon: without experience, without awareness and  without reflection, wisdom surely will not blossom. What is innate is the possibility of acquiring wisdom, the chance to become wise.

Every single human being, regardless of their cognitive abilites, is able to acquired wisdom to some extent. As noted previously, even adults recognize bullets of wisdom in remarks from child, who because of its short lifespan has limited experience.

This ability, or opportunity, to develop wisdom is to be fostered by all humans, specially those as myself who seek to define themselves before trying to define others.

But if wisdom is acquirable, how can we tap into this such elusive yet appealing trait? which steps are to be taken to become wise? are there any tools we might use during this journey?  can we meassure wisdom?


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